Shadi Kabajah

Analytical Skills; Data Science, SQL, Tableau
Web Developement; JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
& More!

Showcase Examples

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SQL Query

Zip code search
Using a PHP form;
Query any zip code in the US from a MySQL database without using any foreign API.


[Rent Prices]
data visualization
A tableau dashboard
to visualize rent prices in the US.

Google DataStudio

[User Analytics]
RokuCast Analytics
Created a dashboard using Google's new BI Tool; DataStudio, to help me track user activity on my chrome extension RokuCast.


[Road Trip]
Digital Map;
Using Google My maps, I created a digital map to represent routes and stops I took during my roadtrip to southwest USA
States include: CA-AZ-NM-TX-NV

Pictures from roadtrip can be found on my instagram linked below.

Android App

[Talking Stick]
Talking Stick App Demo
Talking Stick App; Android app and mobile website, to moderate a conversation between two people, inspired by the Native American Talking Stick.

Microsoft Power BI

[Age Groups]
Power BI
US Population [by Age Group]
using Microsoft Power BI.


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Technologies Used

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